Weddings By Diana Boucher

Helping 560 Couples Tie The Knot Their Way

Hearing the words, “I do,” is something that never gets old for Diana Boucher of Weddings by Diana Boucher. As a wedding planner, she has heard 560 couples recite those magical words.

“I still cry and feel so happy when brides and grooms tell me that their wedding was the best day of their lives,” she says. “Planning weddings is what I was born to do.”

For more than 30 years, from San Antonio to the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast, Boucher has helped couples achieve their wedding dreams.

“Their wedding is their first public event as a couple, so they’re looking for someone to guide them through the process and ease their minds,” she says. “I hold their hand from start to finish, so they can continue to focus on their busy lives and careers while I handle their wedding’s details.”

Weddings by Diana Boucher

Timeless and Trendy Tips

 Trends come and go, but one thing that stays the same with weddings is the importance of creating a personalized budget, according to Boucher.

“Costs can skyrocket very easily if couples are not paying attention,” she says. “Their budget can become a source of anxiety, so I help them find venues and trusted wedding professionals that fit what they are comfortable spending.”

Snagging ideas from Pinterest or picking the Pantone color of the year for the bridesmaid dresses are ways to bring modern inspiration to a wedding’s design. However, classic elements endow events with enduring appeal, Boucher says.

“The design of your wedding can be both timeless and trendy,” she says. “So I tell my couples to have fun with including something popular like a champagne wall if they want, but balance trends with vintage furnishings, a classic flower or black tie attire.”

To stay current on the latest in venues, catering, music, photography and floral design, Boucher attends an annual summer wedding show in Las Vegas. Still, despite her vast industry knowledge and experience, she remembers that the wedding is about the couple’s wishes.

“I want to hear about their ideas, their style, their stories and what they want. I want them to put their stamp on their wedding,” she says. “I’m just the conduit that brings their vision to life.”

Weddings by Diana Boucher
Weddings by Diana Boucher
Weddings by Diana Boucher

Tackling Details with Tenacity

Boucher knows that it’s the little things that make a huge difference on a wedding’s success. That’s why each event managed by Weddings by Diana Boucher includes two to five planners working for 12 hours.

“We are always busy coordinating and troubleshooting behind the scenes, so that when the couple walks into their ceremony and reception, everything is beautifully done the way they imagined,” she says.

Reviewing vendor contracts, creating an accurate and seamless timeline, ensuring that a rainy day plan is as good as the original plan, and making sure that there will be a reception clean-up crew are some of tasks that the planners of Weddings by Diana Boucher perform well in advance of the big day.

“I believe in the saying that 99 percent of mistakes can be avoided with good planning,” Boucher says.

Born and raised in New York as well as being a San Antonio resident for the past 32 years, Boucher combines a tenacious spirit with an amiable personality.

“I have wonderful relationships with some of the best wedding professionals,” she says. “When it comes to getting the job done, my couples trust that I always have their back.”

Weddings by Diana Boucher


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