Unleashed Boudoir

Helping Women Unleash Their Confidence

If you hear the term, “boudoir photography,” and immediately think, “naughty,” you might need to think again. Today’s woman is as likely to take the photos as a gift to herself as opposed to a gift for her significant other.

“It’s not about sex,” explains Lauren Fryer, photographer and owner of Unleashed Boudoir. “It’s about confidence, finding yourself, and falling in love with your body just the way it is.”

Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz

Fryer, a former wedding photographer, began shooting boudoir photos at the request of one of her bridal clients more than five years ago.  What she soon discovered was that women were coming to her to help document how they looked and felt at various stages of their lives—not just pre wedding. More importantly, they were seeing themselves in whole new ways.

“It’s amazing to watch these women transform as we shoot,” says Fryer, who says that her clients have included moms of young children, women who are getting divorced, women who are recovering from cancer, and even a woman in the military who was injured while serving overseas. “They start to remember that being sexy and confident isn’t a crime,” she adds.

Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz
Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz

Fryer’s love of photography dates back to her childhood where an early photo shows a three-year-old Fryer with camera in hand. She’s been a professional photographer for the past eight years, and takes pride in the fact that her boudoir photos are focused on capturing the essence of who the women really are.

“They are beautiful and classy with just a hint of sexy,” she describes. “We do a lot of smiling. It’s not about being sultry all the time.”

Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz
Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz

The three essential ingredients to a successful shoot are comfort, collaboration, and communication. Fryer builds a relationship with each client prior to the shoot that includes conversations and a mood board on Pinterest where she and the client share ideas. Every package includes professional hair styling and makeup application, and women can bring their own clothing or choose from items Fryer keeps on hand. Champagne and mimosas are available upon request, and music is piped in to help set the tone while Fryer poses the clients, walking them through every aspect of the shoot to avoid any awkward moments.

“I want it to be an experience, not just a photo shoot,” she says.

Each $350 session lasts approximately four hours, and payment plans are available.

Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz

“My goal is to help women see themselves as beautiful just as they are,” Fryer says, adding that giving the photos to your significant other is simply the proverbial cherry on top.

“It started as a gift for my husband, but it ended up being a gift for me,” one of Fryer’s clients told her. “I see myself in a whole new way. “

For more info or to schedule a session, visit

Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz
Unleashed Boudoir - San Antonio Weddings - BridalBuzz


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