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For more than 60 years Rosemary’s Catering, a division of the RK group, has been reputably known in San Antonio and surrounding areas as one of the most distinguished companies in South Texas.

It was in 1946 when the Alamo city local Rosemary Kowalski purchased Uncle Ben’s Diner. After heading the restaurant for a short time, the customer demand for quality cuisine prompted the growth of the business, then Rosemary closed the diner’s doors to focus on providing her catering services to area residents.

After having become the official caterer for the San Antonio Convention Center the request to serve several notable persons such as many U.S. Presidents, the Prince of Wales, and the Pope continued to grow and Rosemary’s Catering’s reputation quickly expanded.

Today, the company caters thousands of conventions, private parties and weddings each year. But its quality and service does not falter.

“There’s always a pretty large staff working each event, but regardless of how many people we have  on board the quality isn’t compromised,” Senior Account Executive Dawn Dawes says. “We’ve been in business for more than 60 years and have really perfected the process. Rosemary made sure everyone knew what time each truck had to be loaded, when cold dishes needed to go out and when hot food should arrive to get the best quality. It’s really about organization and implementing a system, and we have a great system in place.”

Although The RK Group employs more than 700 people and several hundred within Rosemary’s Catering, the multi-faceted company maintains the same level of personal attention and dedicated quality that gave it its reputable status decades ago. Head Chef Eric Nelson oversees that each dish that comes out of the kitchen leaves with the company’s mark for perfection.

“Chef Eric really enjoys what he does and you can see it in everything he puts together,” Account Executive Katie Friedman says. “It’s more than just how good the food tastes. He’s always taking it to the next level. It’s about enjoying the presentation aspect of it too. Aside from perfecting the overall flavor, the team is always designing new plates or displays. They really can make something simple look extravagant and appetizing.”

As loyal patrons to the farmer’s market, the team at Rosemary’s Catering makes it their goal to use the freshest ingredients around.

“Chef Eric tries to use as many micro herbs as possible. The variety of colors and different flavors available not only make for some great tasting dishes, but also makes it look very attractive,” Dawes says.

Rosemary's -BridalBuzz

As a custom caterer with a reputable mark, the company’s team is proud to offer customized menus for every client.

“If you name it, we can do it,” Dawes says. “Weddings are about the couple, their families and friends, so we make it a point to really have the dishes focus around them and their guests. When we meet with a bride a groom, we ask them what their budget is and really work around that. From there we give them suggestions on what dishes and options might work best for them, create a custom menu and schedule a tasting for them to try out the food. It’s a fun process and they enjoy it.”

Friedman agrees that it’s the personal attention that leaves their clients happy and satisfied.

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, especially the bride and groom. We truly love what we do and are happy to work with our clients to produce something they’ll love as well. From the very first consultation to the very last moments of the wedding night our entire staff works together to really give the couple our undivided attention and show them that we do appreciate them. Without our customers we wouldn’t be where we are today,” she says.

Rosemary's -BridalBuzz


4039 IH-10, San Antonio, TX 78219

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