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Indulgences Hair & Body Salon for everyone!
Indulgences Hair & Body Salon for everyone

All eyes are on the bride on her wedding day. And, with the help of Indulgences Hair and Body Salon, she can feel at ease knowing that there are professionals who will help her look and feel her best.

On weekends, the salon is exclusively reserved for brides and their bridal parties so that the staff can give them the individual attention they deserve. To help them relax during a very active day, the salon plays the bride’s choice of music and can provide lunch.

“We really nurture brides.” says the salon’s owner, Lilian Foreman. “We cater to their needs and give them respite from all the multi-tasking involved with preparing for their wedding day.”

Foreman first opened her salon with what she describes was a “burning passion to put her client’s comfort and satisfaction first.” Today, more than 26 years later and in a new location, her mission remains the same.

Even the waiting area has a soothing effect on clients with its complimentary coffee and beverage bar, fireplace and wood furnishings from around the world, including an elegant British armoire, gorgeous Chinese hand-carved desk and cushy Japanese armchairs.

“We provide a warm, pleasurable atmosphere where we sit down, listen to people and find out what they really need” she says. “We put our heart and soul into our work.”

A nice stroll with a parasol Indulgences Hair & Body Salon for everyone!
Ta-Daaah! a beautiful Bride thanks in a small part to Indulgences Hair & Body Salon

During an initial consultation, Foreman meets with the bride to learn about her wedding theme, bridal gown, headpiece style, body proportions and facial bone structure.

“I want to know what sparks the bride’s eye, how she envisions her wedding day and how she wants to look,” she says.

To begin the beauty transformation, the bride fills out a questionnaire that helps staff design hair styles and makeup for all aspects of the wedding journey: her portrait session, pre-wedding needs and the actual wedding day. In addition, digital photos are taken of the bride to get an idea of how she could appear in photos.

If brides want coloring or highlights, Foreman suggests they visit her salon two weeks before the wedding. As a Framesi Moda Capelli Salon, Indulgences features the latest in European hair fashion and makeup trends. Foreman, in fact, is a certified Framesi color educator which means she teaches other hairstylists the latest European color trends and techniques. Also, as a member of the national styles team of HairAmerica (a committee of the National Cosmetology Association), she educates stylists on hair trends for the fall/winter and spring/summer hair fashion releases.

Those eyes! Indulgences Hair & Body Salon know all about those eyes!
Indulgences Hair & Body Salon creates a new you!
Indulgences Hair & Body Salon does guys, too

About two days before the wedding, many brides visit the spa for some relaxation and pampering. They may get a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, body scrub or self-tanning treatment.

“We offer more than 75 different services and can do everything from head to toe, so brides can get all their needs taken care of in one place,” Foreman says.

A licensed massage therapist can perform various methods including hot stone massage, Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, Reiki and lomi lomi, to name a few.

“We can also use aromatherapy oils that match the person’s needs, for example, if they want to feel relaxed, confident or energized” Foreman adds. “Massages here are a whole sensory experience.”

Some brides invite their fiancé to share a couple’s massage. Hair and spa services are also available to grooms.

The night before the wedding, brides can have the whole salon reserved for their bridal party and friends for a bachelorette party. During the “Evening at Indulgences,” the salon is softly lit, music plays, and fruit, cheese, wine and hors d’oeuvres are served.

Everyone is treated to an array of refreshing services like: head/neck/shoulder/back massage; mini-cleanse facial; a foot facial that includes exfoliation, reflexology and a parafangocean dip; a hand facial that includes exfoliation, reflexology and a parafangocean dip; and a deep hair detoxifying and conditioning treatment. The evening leaves them feeling exhilarated for the following day.

“When they come to our salon on the wedding day, their skin is awesome, their bodies feel so much better, and they’re more relaxed,” Foreman says. “Their hair is clean, lustrous and ready to be styled.”

She recommends that everyone in the bridal party has their hair and makeup done with the bride so that everyone has a consistent look. Indulgences can also travel on location to perform these services.

From the initial consultation, to a bachelorette party to the wedding day itself, Indulgences lavishes brides with the tranquil treatments they need amidst their bustling schedules.

“When I chose the name for my salon, I thought of the beauty and care I want to bestow on our clients,” Foreman says. “Our name says it all.”

A country beauty on a haystack. Watch out for that cow! Indulgences Hair & Body Salon
Close-up of the work that goes into the hair by Indulgences Hair & Body Salon
Indulgences Hair & Body Salon knows about the eyes!


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