This is where you manage all of the categories and their related data

Advertiser Management Module

This is where you manage advertisers and their related data

Content Management Modules

These modules relate to managing articles, including:

  • Blog Posts, Styled Shoots, Our Wedding Stories, and Spotlight Articles.

These modules relate to content within the site:

  • Home Slide Management
  • Banner Management
  • Special Offers
  • Events Calendar
  • Comparison Guides (coming soon)

Photo Sizing Information

All the photo sizes will be here for your reference – shown as width x height in pixels

Featured Images 500 x 500 px
Square Banner Images 300 x 250 px
Category Banner Images 665 x 267 px
Home Page Banners 1920 x 800 px
  • for home banner version 1 style, the image portion must be at least 1200px wide and positioned on the right
Articles Large Landing Page Image 1920 x 724 px
Articles Header Image 800 x 600 px
Article & Article Galleries Image Width 1200 px wide with proportional depth
  • IMPORTANT: if you use a 2 across or 3 across image set-up in the article, please be sure their dimensions are exactly the same!