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It's A Wonderful Life Weddings

Humble Beginnings

It’s a Wonderful Life Weddings is a family, veteran-owned, service headed by Pastor David and wife, Elaine. They provide unique ceremonies, inspired by their clients, which make for down-to-earth, practical, and fun wedding ceremonies.

The company was organically founded in 2012 in Kansas City by Pastor David after having officiated a couple of family weddings. Gradually, the company grew. Eventually, the pastor would relocate to San Antonio in 2016. It’s a Wonderful Life Weddings in San Antonio is made up of three officiants, pastor David, his wife, Elaine, and pastor Joe Hallam. Here, the team has officiated countless satisfied newlyweds!

It's a Wonderful Life Weddings
It's a Wonderful Life Weddings

The Pastor Cam

Pastor David and his team are not only practical and thoughtful in their officiant process, but they also insist on innovating the ceremony experience for their couples. That is how the “pastor cam” was born.

The “pastor cam” is a small camera that hides inconspicuously on an officiant during a wedding ceremony. The officiants at It’s a Wonderful Life Weddings, wear a tiny camera as they head the event. As a couple exchanges vows, tears, love, and I-dos, the camera captures every magical moment.

After the wedding, Pastor David puts the couple’s “pastor cam” footage together and provides couples with a priceless keepsake.

A Personal Approach

It’s a Wonderful Life Weddings strives to create a memorable and personal experience for each client. Each officiant creates a personal relationship with a couple. From the start, a connection is formed through the company’s thorough consultation process where they get to know every couples’ background, values, and beliefs. This way, It’s a Wonderful Life can personalize what is said about the couple during the ceremony. Pastor David says, “it’s their wedding, not ours.”

If you like honest origins, a never-before-seen view of your wedding, and personalization for your ceremony, It’s a Wonderful Life Weddings sounds like the right fit for you!


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