Bypassing Tradition

Making My Brother My Man-of-Honor

Brother is Man-of-Honor - BridalBuzz

Bypassing The Traditional Roles

As Madison was making plans for her wedding, one choice that she was struggling with was going to be her maid-of-honor.

Choosing between her friends was going to be difficult. “I have many close friends but each person comes with a different chapter/story in my life: high school, college, extracurriculars, even a couple of roommates. There was no way for me to weigh those stories and decide who should be singled out.” explains Madison.

“As I was trying to decide, it became more and more apparent to make Austin, my brother my Man-of-Honor.”  said Madison.  She continues, “Spencer my fiancé has an older brother who was going to be his best man and stand on his side, so I thought why shouldn’t my own brother stand on my side? After all, siblings are built in best friends for life.”

Brother is Man-of-Honor - BridalBuzz

Would Austin Agree to be the Man-of-Honor

Once Madison made the decision to ask her brother, would he be willing to accept a role in her wedding that typically would be a female?

“I knew him well enough to know he would love it. Austin’s a total goofball, so he really took on the role with gusto: going dress shopping, coming to fittings, even hanging out with me and my friends for part of my bachelorette weekend and making us watch Bridesmaids.” said Madison.

“My brother was always there for me, especially in the year we shared in high school band while he was a senior and I was a freshman. He was so excited, there was no convincing necessary.” explains Madison.

Brother is Man-of-Honor - BridalBuzz

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