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Jalen and Hudson

Man and Woman Embrace

Jalen and Hudson met the modern way, on a dating app. After a couple of weeks of a virtual flirtation-ship, the two decided to meet for drinks. They quickly meshed together. The conversation flowed naturally, and neither grew bored. It was as if they already knew each other, and, still, they had plenty to talk about.

Engagement Ring with Natural Background
Engaged Couple in the woods

Jalen was working in the Idaho & Wyoming area when Hudson carried out the perfect proposal. The weather was perfect, and the Grand Tetons, a breathtaking mountain range, sat calmly in her backyard. Hudson was visiting on the last leg of Jalen’s work trip. The two, avid hikers, had agreed to hike the surrounding mountains.

After an eight-mile-long hike, humbling views, and quality time well spent, they began their descent back. Jalen, exhausted from the excursion, started toward home, but Hudson suddenly insisted they veer off a bit. Just three miles away was a magical, small retreat, Five Ponds. The space is calm, quiet, and Hudson promised Jalen a meal, so she followed.

Groom lifts bride in intimate embrace
Brunette looking into groom's eyes

Once there, Hudson orchestrated a photoshoot underneath a gazebo. The couple went through a few poses before deciding to pose back-to-back. It was then, as Jalen looked away, that Hudson got down on one knee and waited for his future wife to turn. When she did, Jalen was overwhelmed with emotion.

Jalen says that she couldn’t imagine it happening any other way. Everything about the proposal encompassed the couple, “It was so us.”


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