That Venue is Great

but Does it Dave a Hannah?

Hey Bridal Babes,

Sendera Springs Ceremony site

I wanted to write about my visit to Sendera Springs, but the venue is so massive, and I wasn’t sure what the focus would be. Then, I realized: Hannah Plucheck.

Erika and Hannah Plucheck at Sendera Springs

Let me start by highlighting some of my favorite things about Sendera Springs

  • Sendera Springs is adjacent to a lake. Groomsmen are encouraged to fish while the bridal party undergoes hair and makeup. 
  • The ceremony site overseas the lake, and the reception hall has all the standard bells and whistles.  
  • The bridal suite is bright, decorated with photo-ops, and next to a long table where the party can eat & drink.
  • The groom’s quarters is just as big & jaw-dropping as the bridal suite. Now, grooms can love this venue as much as the brides.
  • Sendera Springs is run by Hannah. 


couple on the Sendera Springs bridge

I chose to focus this piece on Hannah because, truthfully, she’s my favorite part (and that’s saying a lot because this venue is incredible.) Hannah has a few tricks up her sleeve when she tours the venue with you.

Right from the start, from the moment she greets you, you are approached by a genuine smiling face. Hannah’s energy is infectious. Sendera Springs could be your last visit, you’re tired, dehydrated, and beaten by countless venue tours, but Hannah will somehow feed your energy meter. She might as well be an extra life vessel in your own personal video game. That’s just the start.

sendera springs groom quarters
Sendera Springs Bridal Suite

By the time she’s got you walking through the staple hardwood iron-handled front door, she’s filled you with knowledge about the venue. Any questions, or qualms, you may have had about the venue are immediately handled by Hannah. She and her family built Sendera Springs, so she’s got the inside scoop on the place.

Hannah Plucheck and her groom at Sendera Springs Wedding

When I say, “she’s been there, done that.” She, like you, has been through the wedding planning and venue booking process. As you walk down the Sendera Springs‘ hallways and envision yourself there, know that she envisions it as well. Better yet, know that she can show you what a Sendera Springs wedding looks like because she married here as well!



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