Paper Rings and Peonies

Gabriela and Ana

lgbtq friendly San Antonio Weddings proposal story

How They Met

Gabriela and Ana had been working together at the same company and had an established friendship for about five years. When Gabriela formed an LGBTQ club at work, the two of them subsequently began to spend more time together. As the two of them organized events and did volunteer work together, Gabriela quickly found herself falling head over heels in love with Ana.

female proposal in San Antonio Weddings

Making it “Official”

After months of pining and -borderline pathetically- begging Ana to give Gabriela a chance, the two finally made their romantic relationship official in December of 2018. Attending more concerts than they can count and a little bit of a mutually shared retail therapy addiction verified that verification that Ana was truly the best thing that had happened to Gabriela.

The Proposal

Ana, knowing that “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift was one of their songs, modeled the whole proposal off of this theme. She did this by making a variety of “paper rings” with gold spray paint and hula hoops and also DIY-ed a balloon arch inspired with the colors from the Taylor Swift album that the song is from. Surrounded by beautiful memories and people they loved in their favorite park (Denman Estate), Ana proposed to Gabriela and she said yes!

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