The Diva and The Doctor:

Journey to the Aisle

Karen & Jim

karen grace and dr James Crowley engagement San Antonio Texas

How They Met

In October of 2019, Grace and her company Grace Star Media Agency were hosting a political fundraiser for County Commissioner candidate, Judge Celeste Brown, when she caught the eye of Dr. Croley. Determined to date her, he soon after showed up at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Then the PANDEMIC hit! Patiently, Croley waited until June 2020 to ask Grace to dinner. The pair slowly dated, going on road trips and establishing a friendship.

Grace really fell for Croley when he took her to her uncle’s funeral. He died from COVID and because of restrictions, family members could not gather together for the ceremony. Croley was there for her. Fast forward to last December, Dr. Croley surprised Grace with an engagement ring and she quickly said YES!

karen grace and dr James Crowley engagement San Antonio Texas
karen grace and dr James Crowley engagement San Antonio Texas

The Proposal

Dr. Croley was very clever about how to go about getting Grace’s ring size. He decided to first give her a “promise ring” so that she would have to swing by the jewelry store to get it properly sized! About a month after the promise ring, it only took Croley a month to design, plan and have the custom pear diamond ring ready to go! Once he had the ring in hand, he could not wait to ask for her hand in marriage. Grace had just come home from filming a tv commercial, when Croley whisked her off to dinner. Grace had on sweats and a ponytail and it was all very casual and informal!

Croley got on one knee and asked her to marry him. At first Grace was thinking “No! Not NOW! I’m in sweats!” But once she looked into his eyes, she was overcome with true love and how special this man was. The fact that he couldn’t wait (with the ring burning his pocket the day he bought it!) made her feel really special. She realized you don’t need a fancy proposal, just the right person.

karen grace and dr James Crowley engagement San Antonio Texas

Wedding Planning

Karen has tried on and even modeled gowns from a few local stores but still hasn’t found the perfect one. She wants her dress to be classic, but unique. This may lead to her getting a custom dress made!

Grace and Jim have decided on a destination wedding and have narrowed down their search to three locations. Their top pick at the moment is Key West, Florida.

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  1. Keith A. Toney

    Truly a modern-day love story. Congratulations !


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