Finding True Love

in the Spinach Capitol

Gabriela & Xavier

As the daughter of a border patrol agent, Gabriela had grown accustomed to moving from one city to another.  So, when she heard the family was going to be moving to Crystal City, Texas, the self-proclaimed “Spinach Capital of the World”, she was a little hesitant.  She was already familiar with this small town of just over 7,000 residents as it was her mother’s home town and in the back of her mind she wondered, “What fun am I going to have in Crystal City?”

Little did Gabriela know that the high school lunch line would become one of the most important memories she has. “We were seventeen years-old and attending Crystal City High School. I was in the cafeteria lunch line the day I met Xavier for the very first time.” explains Gabriela.

After high school Xavier and Gabriela attended The University of Texas at San Antonio to pursue their degrees. They both graduated and walked the stage on the same day in 2016.

Finding True Love - BridalBuzz

A Special Day At The Pearl

“During college one of our favorite spots to study and spend the day was at The Pearl. On August 31, 2019 Xavier and I went for our favorite ramen at the food hall. What I thought would be an ordinary day at The Pearl, like so many we have had before, turned into something magical. Right in front of the grass and fountains and in front of lots of strangers!  Xavier got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After I said yes in tears, I turned around to see both of our families behind me celebrating!”  said Gabriela.

What Gabriela thought was going to be just another lunch at the Pearl turned into something much more special.

“What a guy. He brought both families in so they could be a part of this very special moment in our lives. He even made certain that my grandmother was part of the fun.” explained Gabriela.. For Gabriela and her grandmother, this was a very special moment as they had recently lost her grandfather to Alzheimer’s disease a few months earlier.  It was a day that Gabriela says she will never forget.

Finding True Love - BridalBuzz
Finding True Love - BridalBuzz
Finding True Love - BridalBuzz

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