If Earth Day Were a Bride

This is how She Would Look

Meet Ms. Earth Day

Spring is in the Hill Country air here in San Antonio, Texas. With wildflowers in bloom and warm breezes finding their way to us, we’re reminded on this Earth Day just how lucky we are to be apart of it. In the theme of weddings, we asked ourselves, “If Earth Day were a bride… what would she look like?”

From head to toe, we will cover what we think Earth Day would look like if she were a bride.



1. Flower Crown


San Antonio bride in flower crown

First on the list is a guarantee for Ms. Earth Day: a flower crown! Of course! There is no way she would walk down the aisle without one. If you feel the same, check out what Oakleaf Florist can do for you!



2. Fresh Face- Natural Makeup


natural makeup look for earth day San Antonio

You know it, all natural baby. Ms. Earth Day may have a bit of makeup on, but its definitely a cruelty free brand she’s repping. The makeup she wears is only there to help accentuate the natural beauty she already has and loves. If you’re looking for a good local makeup artist, check out the amazing list we have here!



3. Sustainably Sourced Gems


ethical sourced jewelry San Antonio Weddings earth day bride

They may say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but that’s not necessarily the case with Ms. Earth Day. Sustainably and ethically sourced gemstones are showing up more and more in the wedding scene and let’s just say… she couldn’t be happier. With this list of the top ethically sourced stones, finding the right fit for your bling will be a breeze. Combine that with amazing custom jewelers like Nicole Mera and you’ll be in for a nature friendly/ Earth Day inspired treat!



4. Flow & Lace


flow nature inspired wedding dress San Antonio
Lacey nature inspired wedding dress San Antonio

If Ms. Earth Day can’t wear her birthday suit, she’ll be wearing a dress that feels just as free as her spirit does. Lace, flow, and simplicity are just three things we would expect to see her wearing on her special day. If you are looking for your Earth Day inspired dress (or any kind of wedding dress), check out our directory for our San Antonio local favorites!



5. Nature Themed Nail Art


nature inspired wedding day nail art

With a simple splash of some green and subtle hints of flora, Ms. Earth Day keeps it tasteful and also on theme. There are so many routes you can take with a nature inspired nail art- plants, animals, or the textures of the earth. All of these elements can lend to an over all Earth Day feel for this bridal look.



6. No shoes? No problem!


earth day bride San Antonio with no shoes

Why wear shoes when you can be directly connected to the ground beneath your feet? Ms. Earth Day couldn’t agree more on this one. What better way to feel one with nature than to be a barefoot bride? Whether it’s Texas Hill Country grass or Gulf Coast sand, being barefoot is our final defining element for our vision of Earth Day as a bride.

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