A Cinderella Story

A Fairy-Tail Proposal

Asking For Your Hand in Marriage in Front of 750 People

Imagine being proposed to in front of an audience at a Ball. That’s the sort of fairy-tale Tiffany found herself in on the night that Robert proposed to her. Tiffany had plenty of reasons for saying yes, and his proposal to her was only one of many!

Robert planned a remarkable moment at Alzafar Shrine’s annual Installation Ball. Robert, being a member, was expected to walk down the ballroom floor escorting Tiffany, in front of over 750 people. In true Fiesta theme, as it was that year, Robert and Tiffany were scheduled to walk through to Selena’s Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. There must’ve been a mistake because Tiffany realized Ed Sheeran’s Perfect began playing instead.

Sun Gold Photography Engagement Session
Sun Gold Photography Engagement Session
Sun Gold Photography Engagement Session

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Golden chairs and white tablecloths make this ballroom at The Dominion look so exquisite!
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