Surprise Engagement

at the Pearl

Caitlin and Sierra

San Antonio Weddings couple, Caitlin and Sierra, get #engagedinsa

How They Met

Caitlin and Sierra met when they were 15, playing softball and doing something the both of them loved at the time. 8 years later, the two of them are planning their forever. Caitlin says, “I knew from the moment we met to our first date that Sierra was the one for me. She has been my rock and biggest supporter through all of our accomplishments and I am her biggest supporter and cheerleader as she patrols the streets for SAPD.”

San Antonio Weddings couple, Caitlin and Sierra, get #engagedinsa

The Proposal

What she thought would be a small dinner with friends at La Gloria turned into a surprise engagement! As she walked down the stairs blindfolded, she took off her blindfold to see her friends and family surrounding a beautifully decorated area and Sierra at the end of the water. Caitlin cried and said it was everything she ever wanted and hoped for!

San Antonio Weddings couple, Caitlin and Sierra, get #engagedinsa

The Planning Process

Ring: Kay’s

“She got the exact shape I wanted and at the bottom of the ring, there’s a blue diamond to represent my something blue: my law enforcement officer.” – Caitlin Cerda

Bridal Gown Shop: Olivia Grace

Reception Venue: Silverado Event Center

“We have a huge family who supports and loves us, we just want to have the biggest party with everyone to remember the most amazing day.” – Caitlin Cerda

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