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We spend a lot of time planning for a wedding, but what about all of the fun events that happen before? In this blog, we want to help you focus on more than just your wedding, but on a very special event specifically for the bride… the bridal shower!  The bridal shower is a party that typically happens 3 weeks to 3 months before the wedding. It is a gathering of all the closest female friends and relatives in your life. It is also common to invite your future spouse’s female relatives, so you can spend some quality time with them and they can get to know you better before you become family! This event can take place anywhere, have a theme, and consists of as many or as few activities as you want. The bridal shower is a time for all those women in your life to shower you with gifts and advice before you tie the knot! In this blog, we will be focusing on some bridal shower theme ideas that you could use, but remember that the possibilities are endless!

She’s Been Scooped Up

The idea is ice-cream-themed everything! You could cater an ice cream sundae bar from somewhere like Cold Stone Creamery and have your guests build their own sundaes. There is also a cute concept we found similar to a champagne wall, where brides have a toppings wall for guests, just to add a little fancy touch. The last idea is for our brides who like to spice things up by providing guests with ice cream cocktails! Some of the cocktails we have found are adult rootbeer floats and spiked lime cream soda. You can not go wrong with this theme, because who doesn’t like ice cream??

Brunch + Bubbly 

This theme is perfect for the bride who loves a good Sunday brunch with the girls. With this theme, you can have that gorgeous champagne wall or champagne tower, as well as a mimosa bar for your guests to be able to personalize their own mimosas. You can feel free to personalize the add-ins for the mimosas, as you can provide anything from classic orange juice to hibiscus! A really cute idea for this is to have a flower bar for guests to make their own bouquet and take it home as a party favor!

Traveling from Miss to Mrs.

This is the theme for the travel bride or travel couple! With this theme, you could either go modern airport with luggage drop-off as a gift spot and baggage claim as the party favor location, or you could go vintage and have vintage suitcases and typewriters as decoration. Think of guests walking into the bridal shower as them walking into the airport!

Taco ’bout Love

This theme is all about the food and Latin decor. If you are wanting to do a taco bar, you could cater from a company here in San Antonio like Got it Covered Events, who will come and bring fresh ingredients for the perfect tacos! You could also have a chip and dip bar where guests can use adorable plates and load them up with chips and salsa, guacamole, or queso! For this theme, we are thinking lively, fun, and filled with bright colors and adorable Latin-themed decorations! 

The Final Fiesta

Similar to the last one, think Latin decor and delicious food. However, this one is more of a party than anything. For this theme, we are thinking of pinatas, margarita machines, DJs, and more party essentials. A cute idea for a party favor could be a hangover kit, to recover from the night you had partying it up with all your friends at your “Final Fiesta!”

Pajamas + Pearls

This idea might be more for those who have a younger crowd attending their bridal shower, but it can be for everyone! Think slumber party with your girls but make it fancy. Some ideas for this one are to sit around and watch movies together and really experience possibly the last time in your adult life that you will get to experience something like this with all of your girls. You could also make it a spa night and just spend the night getting pampered. Whatever you think of when you think a slumber party is perfect for this theme. 

Friends: “The One Where She has a Bridal Shower”

Calling all Friends fans, this is your time to shine. We are thinking of funky decorations similar to Monica’s apartment, friends-themed bridal decor, and of course lobster! Why not be boujee and serve lobster? This theme is limitless for the fans of the show and will be a great time. Think of how easy it is going to be to come up with a playlist for this bridal shower, all you need to do is click “Friends theme song” on a loop so it will be the only thing playing for hours, perfect!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

For this theme, you can do a luxurious English-style tea party with teacups and of course, vintage-themed decor. Obviously, this would not be a Breakfast at Tiffany party without the Tiffany blue color EVERYWHERE! Tiffany blue champagne, tables, balloons, decor, desserts, and more! An idea for this one is to do a vintage-themed candy bar where people can create their own take-home party favor. Another idea is to make the event and black dress with pearls only event, because why not?

Love is Brewing: A Tea Party 

What could be more fun than getting together with your best girls and having a tea party? You could have the tea party indoors at one big table or outdoors picnic style. We are imagining small bites, fancy China, adorable desserts, and aesthetic decorations. You could even go all out and have your guests were Derby hats!

Let’s Boogie to the Aisle

For this fun theme, you can have ’70s style disco everything from the cups being a disco ball to a tie-dye cake. To make it even more fun why not have your guests come dressed in ’70s clothes, hair, and make-up. You could play strictly ’70 disco music and just boogie with all your girls for an amazing night. 

Let’s Flamingle

This theme is perfect for the bride who loves pink! For this theme, you can make it tropical and have it pool/beachside! We are thinking of all pink decorations and of course flamingos everywhere! A really cute idea for this theme is “make your own flocktails” you could provide all the alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages for guests to concoct their very own pink flocktail!

She Found Her Main Squeeze

For this theme, you will of course need lemon decorations everywhere, including in the floral decorations, on vines, on the cake, and more. This could give an Italian vineyard feel, with lots of yellow, orange, and different shades of green decorations. A really fun addition to this bridal shower would be a build your own lemonade bar, with iced tea, raspberries, mangos, strawberries, and whatever flavors you want to mix with your lemonade, you could even add alcohol if you want!

Til Death do us Part

Perfect for those having a fall wedding or even just for those who love to be unique and are down for anything! The theme would be spooky but cute desserts, decorations, black accents, and skulls everywhere. This is essentially a funeral for your singlehood and should be celebrated accordingly!!

2 Less Fish in the Sea

This is perfect for those who are looking for a tropical or beach theme, the food could be tropical fruit and veggies with all different kinds of cocktails. You could have gummy fish all over the party, including on the sides of glasses and even in the glasses themselves. A really cute idea for this theme is to have guests write you a “message in a bottle” this can be advice from guests to the bride for her marriage and is something the bride can cherish forever!

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