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Brandon and Denise

San Antonio Weddings couple, Brandon and Denise #EngagedinSA

How They Met

Brandon and Denise went to the same high school and although their paths never crossed, they knew of each other. Fast forward a few years after their high school graduation and the two saw each other at the mall! Although they didn’t greet one another, Brandon DM’d Denise on Instagram a week later. Denise immediately went to her best friend, Angie, to ask about him, and little did Denise know that Brandon was doing the exact same thing!

San Antonio Weddings couple, Brandon and Denise #EngagedinSA
San Antonio Weddings couple, Brandon and Denise #EngagedinSA

The Proposal

Prior to her graduation from Texas State University, Denise scheduled her senior shoot with a photographer named Regina Blancas. On the day of the photoshoot, Denise’s parents, Brandon, and Angie came along to support and take photos with her. Halfway through the shoot, they switched locations and Regina set Denise up for the next round of photos which was nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly, Denise turned to see Brandon on one knee, ready to ask the big question! Regina later found out that Brandon contacted Regina in advance to capture the moment all on camera and in front of their loved ones.

The Planning Process

The Ring: Brilliant Earth

Denise’s ring is a round solitaire 2ct Moissanite with a diamond band!

The Dress: Impression Bridal

“My shopping experience at [Impression Bridal] has been great so far. I am not ready to say yes to the dress yet but I’m having so much fun trying dresses on!” – Denise Mujica

The Venue: Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church

“Our wedding venue is in the heart of where we grew up [in Atascosa, TX – just right out of San Antonio]. This church is so special to us because I have served there in ACTS and Brandon has gone there his whole life – it is the home parish to many of our family members. One very special reason we are getting married there is that Brandon’s aunt is laid to rest there and it means a lot to us to have her there in spirit celebrating with us.” – Denise Mujica

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