At Home Table for Two

Savannah and Owen

Dancing smiling couple

Savannah and Owen rekindled a friendship that inevitably turned into more. Owen lived in Illinois, while Savannah resided in Texas. When a mutual friend began planning their wedding, the news brought the two back together.

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Woman smiling and showing off engagement ring

Although not physically in the same state, the two began talking over the phone daily. Eventually, their friend’s wedding rolled around, and Savannah decided she would ask Owen to be her plus one. Without skipping a beat, he agreed.

Man embracing woman in black dress

“Le Balcon”

Owen eventually moved back to Texas, and their romance continued to flourish. When he first returned, Savannah transformed their home’s balcony into a private restaurant for themselves, “Le Balcon.” Now, Owen faced proposing amidst pandemic business closures, so he had to get creative. He recreated “Le Balcon,” and asked Savannah on a date.

Savannah was busy putting the finishing touches on the table as Owen wandered toward the fridge to gather drink supplies. When she turned to face him, Owen was on one knee!

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