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Amanda Middleton Pt. 3

The Bridal Shower

Amanda Middleton bridal shower in San Antonio at the dominion country club

Finding the Perfect Place

What began as a way to celebrate being a bride with my family and friends, soon turned into a real life Cinderella moment! The age old question, “where should I have my shower?” spawned so many  ideas and themes. I pulled out every bridal magazine, San Antonio Weddings blogs,  and checked social media for the most beautiful places that would help bring my vision to life. After-all with Covid ruining so many of our plans and bridal moments, I was determined to have something fun (and maybe a bit) over-the-top to pull myself out of the “Covid-bride funk.”

bridal shower mimosas at the dominion country club in San Antonio
Amanda Middleton bridal shower in San Antonio at the dominion country club

Finally, after a visit to the site and meeting with the manager, Jennifer; my mother (Kathy), sister-in-law (Bonnie), and I decided that the Dominion Country Club was the perfect place! Jennifer Lauzon (Private Event & Golf Sales Director) was a true godsend. She helped plan every detail from the color scheme, the food, and decor. Her attention to detail was unmatched just like the venue’s beauty was unparalleled. Who wouldn’t want to be the center-of-attention in an elegant room, sunlit with rays of sunshine, and sensational service and food?

Making This More Than Just a Shower…

The planning process had begun, and Bonnie Middleton (my phenomenal matron of honor and sister-in-law) was not going to let this be your average bridal shower. In may, I lost my first fur-son, Heath Middleton. We spent 12 incredible years together, and my heart was shattered. I decided that I wanted my shower to be in memory of his sweet soul and transform it into a fundraiser for my favorite non-profit, San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA!)! Bonnie included my wish on the digital invites and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach building! Digital invites are 110% the way to go during a global pandemic and for overall ease and peace-of-mind.

Amanda Middleton bridal shower in San Antonio at the dominion country club

The Dream Team

Next, we decided to reach out to our small business owning friends. Freise’s Delights was a must have for our cookies and treats. She even makes gluten-free cookies! She made the most delightful wedding dress cookies and mouth-watering cupcakes. Taking covid precautions, she individually wrapped each cupcake in super cute white boxes with gold ribbon (our theme).

Makeup was equally important because, as I said before, I wanted this to be over-the-top to make up for covid stealing so many memories.  Because I wanted the best of the best, I reached out to Jade Wade of Jade Wade Beauty and Team Flawless. She made me look and feel phenomenal! I can not thank her enough for everything she has done! The entire process of planning and getting ready was stress free, in large part because of her!

I decided we needed a photographer to capture every moment! Blaire Lander Photography (based out of Austin, TX) was my go to! She too is a talented small business owner and dear friend of mine. I knew she was the perfect person to capture every moment because of her dedication to the art of photography. She was easy to work with and can make any bride-to-be feel at ease.

bridal babe blogger Amanda Middleton San Antonio Weddings

More from Amanda…

Amanda is a #BridalBabeBlogger. Check out Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of her and Matthews series now, and stay tuned for the final part… the wedding!

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