Love is a


Felicia and Alex

How They Met

  They both worked at Thirsty Horse. She was a bartender and he was a bouncer. Felicia has a Captain America tattoo so coworkers would joke that Felicia and Alex would end up together because he looks like Captain America. Their first actual hangout was at bartenders new years eve, it’s a party that happens for the bar community so they get to celebrate, we had our countdown to midnight and that was their first kiss.

The Proposal

Memorial day weekend the couple went to the beach. Felicia thought Alex was being weird once they got to the beach. After setting up their spot, and Alex decided to “walk the dog”. Turns out he went to the family next to them to ask the family to record. Felicia went to help the wife with her umbrella but the wife politely dismissed Felicia. Felicia thought she was just trying to help, but as she got up and turned around, there Alex was on one knee. 

Details about the ring

She always told him it had to be a blue topaz. He definitely picked out the perfect ring.

Wedding Venue Choice

  They picked a hill country venue with cabins, and river access. Alex was a Marine, so he hasn’t seen his family together in years! The couple wanted a family reunion style wedding. Something where they had a whole weekend with everyone. They are both from New York, and met in San Antonio. What better way to give the family a full Texas experience, then to do it with a wedding packed with BBQ and a river float to top it off!

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