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Your photos will be the most cherished keepsake from your wedding, which is why it’s vital to find a photographer who is reliable, passionate and a stylistic match for you and your partner. San Antonio Weddings’ photographer profiles are here to help you meet the wedding photographers of San Antonio, learn about their unique styles and find your perfect match.

A longtime photographer, Adam Swift has shot professionally in England, Los Angeles, Disneyland Resort and now calls San Antonio home. At six years old, his mother gifted him a toy camera, igniting a passion for photography and a lifelong quest to master his craft.

Swift’s focus is unobtrusively photographing raw, emotive interactions without distracting from them.

“Everyone sees things happening, but not everyone gets to document them,” says Swift. “My job is to anticipate a moment and freeze it in time, creating a visual record. Being able to truly capture emotional interactions is hugely satisfying.”

Adam Swift Photography
Adam Swift Photography

Feelings are always at the forefront of Swift’s work; catching unguarded expressions or tender moments between families is his specialty. He uses black and white imagery, innovative angles and film-quality composition to hone in on emotions without staging or interference.

“I’m always hoping to capture an image that connects the client to the emotion they felt,” says Swift. “That’s the power of photography. Couples often get emotional when they look through wedding albums I build, even if it’s not their wedding. It’s very powerful and rewarding.”

While Swift’s photojournalistic style has an effortless quality, capturing fleeting moments is not easy. Swift stays on his toes throughout the evening, anticipating motion, watching body language and make sure he’s where he needs to be to successfully catch unnoticed moments that pass between the couple and their family. Preparation is key; Swift always arrives on location with backup equipment, just in case. A former Disney employee, he prides himself on exceptional customer service and often stays extra hours to make sure a wedding day or event is properly documented.

“You should always go above and beyond for your clients when necessary,” says Swift.

Adam Swift Photography
Adam Swift Photography

Swift’s favorite part of the job comes after the wedding, when it’s time to craft the wedding album. Putting the story of the day into pages is both humbling and inspiring, according to Swift.

“That’s when everything comes together,” says Swift. “It’s like building a storybook. I love what I do.”  Adam Swift is a San Antonio-based photographer. For more information, visit Adam’s at

Adam Swift Photography

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