A Girl's Intuition

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A Girl’s Intuition and A Horse - BridalBuzz

Janelle grew up around horses but never expected them to be front-and-center at her wedding proposal. Jannelle De Leon and Isaac Silva met through mutual friends years after graduating high school in Harlingen, TX, only to find that they had not only attended the same high school but also floated in the same circles their entire lives. After 4 months of pursuing a long-distance relationship, they united in their hometown.

Even though Isaac had moved back home to be with Jannelle, she says “They never knew they would one day be planning to become husband and wife.” Although their styles are vastly different, they quickly realized they both shared a love for horses. It’s no wonder horses participated in their engagement.

A Girl’s Intuition and A Horse - BridalBuzz
A Girl’s Intuition and A Horse - BridalBuzz

Isaac set the whole thing up like a casual date. When Jannelle showed up for their horse riding plans in a nice outfit, he expressed, “We’re just going riding, you should’ve just worn a t-shirt and jeans.” Somehow, Jannelle knew this date was far from ordinary. As they progressed along the riding trail, accompanied by the horse’s owners, Jannelle’s intuition stirred-up inside her.

In the middle of their ride, the owners asked to take a picture of the couple for their social media page. The two, without hesitation, agreed. Jannelle hopped off and began to adjust her horse, but, just as she did so, Isaac prepared for more. When Jannelle finally turned around to meet her man for a picture, she found him on one knee, ring in hand!

A Girl’s Intuition and A Horse - BridalBuzz
A Girl’s Intuition and A Horse - BridalBuzz

It’s no surprise Jannelle said, “Yes!” The two were clearly meant to be, and it’s only a matter of time before these two tie-the-knot. If you liked their engagement, wait ’till you see what they have planned for their wedding!  San Antonio Weddings will be featuring Jannelle and Isaac’s wedding in January of 2021 to be held at Hidden Falls.

A Girl’s Intuition and A Horse - BridalBuzz

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