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18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service

Love isn’t the only thing flowing at most wedding celebrations. Champagne, wine, and spirits factor into the mix with glasses raised in joyous toasts and well-wishes. And from bottles of bubbly to customized cocktails, 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service can help you create a full-service experience that combines professionalism with personality, and the perfect pour.

18th Amendment Mobile Bartending

Cheekily named for the Constitutional amendment banning the manufacturing, sales, and transportation of alcoholic beverages, 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service was started by San Antonio native and owner of Surefire Event Staffing, Skyler Ireland. With a combined experience of more than 43 years in the hospitality and events industry, the highly selective management team at 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service knows that there is more to bartending than mixing a drink. That’s why every TABC certified employee undergoes an extensive interview and audition process before joining the exclusive ranks.

“These are not waiters pulled from restaurants,” describes Ireland’s wife Karen who serves as the Chief HR Officer. “These are highly qualified, career bartenders with expertise in their field who are skilled in creating craft cocktails and specialty drinks.”

That includes working with the clients to create a menu that compliments the occasion. From customizing colors and flavors to create one-of-a-kind signature sips to designing eye-popping champagne walls, ice sculptures, or nonalcoholic beverage stations, creativity is key.

18th Amendment Mobile Bartending

“The bar should be its own attraction,” says Ireland. “Even if it’s just coffee, water, and tea, it’s a great draw and we can make it personalized and special.”

Clients choose from packages that include glassware, linens, utensils, garnishes, and more. Bar leads work with clients to determine the quantities and types of alcohol needed, as well as the aesthetic of the bar and types of service and staff required.

The 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service has perfected the art of standing out while seamlessly blending in. This is a company that understands that the beverage service should enhance the occasion, not dominate it.

18th Amendment Mobile Bartending

“We are specifically designed to attend to all things beverage-related,” says Ireland. “Caterers are busy with the food and we want people to be able to enjoy the spirit side of things.”

In addition to weddings, 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service is available for private parties, corporate events, tailgating, and more with everything from full service to mixer packages.

“Whether you want cocktails or coffee, we can accommodate any beverage setup,” assures Ireland. “With our personal touches, customized service, and professional staff, we make sure that the fun keeps flowing.”

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